There are tons of different online and land based casino games, all giving excitement, fun and one of the kind gaming experience. There are great, worldwide known casino games like poker, roulette, the magical slots and last, but not least, craps. Craps is the casino game everyone tends to forget about, but as soon as people start playing it and learn the basic rules and strategies, this game will become the number one to play. All different kinds of wagers, payouts and odds might make craps seem difficult at the first sight, but it is truly a simple game.

Craps is a dice game having two dices; players place wagers on rolls or series of rolls, precisely on the outcome of these rolls. There are two main forms of craps, casino craps, where players bet against the house and street craps, where people bet against other players. In casino craps the bank covers all player bets at every table while setting the odds on its payouts. The player, who throws the dices, is called the shooter, whose throw is decisive, because all other players are betting on his roll. In order to be the shooter a player has to bet on at least the minimum table on the “Don’t Pass” line (also called “Don’t Win” or "Wrong" bets) or the “Pass” line (“Win” or "Right"). The right way to roll the dice is clockwise. Usually the player next the shooter becomes the new shooter, but he can refuse to throw the dice and continue with betting on the next shooter’s roll. The shooter is usually presented five dices to pick two to roll and the remaining dices are being returned to the stickman.

With the intention of establishing a point, the shooter firstly makes a come out roll, which is called “craps” if it is a 2, 3 or 12 and leads to the round end, players losing the pass line bets. A win for pass line bets is possible id the come-out roll is a “natural”, which is a roll of 7 or 11. The come-out roll is over as soon as on the come-out there are rolled point numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. After this the shooter continues rolling for a seven or a point number, if he is successful a win for the pass line is the result. If a “seven-out” is rolled the pass line loses, this move also ending the round.

People can play craps without accepting to be shooters. There is a time phase between dice rolls, when dealers can collect losing bets or make the pay-outs. Players are allowed to place new bets when the dealer finishes his work and if consulting with the dealer, new players are allowed to place their pass or don’t pass bets. Becoming familiar with the layout of the craps is not difficult; the layouts are identical on both sides of the table, with center bets in the middle of it. After becoming familiar with the game, players can make multiple bets for each roll, round or turn.

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