Roulette Bonuses

Bonuses are integral parts of online casino gaming. Some casinos offer such excellent value for players that roulette bonuses and other casino bonuses can completely turn around the house edge for some of the skilled players.

Online casino bonuses come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and it’s not always the apparently more generous bonus which carries more value. In order to be able to spot real value, players need to learn to assess bonuses properly. Most of the time, the essence is hidden in the details: the redemption requirements. Every online casino bonus needs to be redeemed (played through or turned over) before the player is allowed to cash it out.

There are no exceptions to this rule. While unlike in poker – where players can’t even take their bonus money to the tables until they unlock it – in online casino gambling the bonuses can usually be wagered, it’s just that players are not allowed to cash them out, until they wager them a set number of times.

In the beginning, online roulette bonus redemption requirements used to be pretty lax. Players could use just about any bet on any game to fulfill their turn-over requirements and that opened up the possibility for abuse. Players would just rush to a near 50-50 odds game and they would play on there until their redemption requirements were fulfilled. Then, they’d cash out their deposits and play on for free. Obviously, this was no way for online casinos to make money, so the redemption requirements have been tightened radically. Among the most significant victims of this move were roulette bonuses.

The roulette wheel features some pretty average-sized house edges, yet the existence of bets like odds/even and red/black, which carry almost 50-50 odds, gives players way too good an opportunity to redeem their bonuses without risking much. The real problem was that players began exploiting a fault in the system: they bet on both red and black, (or odds/even) and thus, even though they always lost one bet they won it back on the other (except when the ball landed in the green pocket) amassing huge wagered sums with minimal losses. In order to exclude the loophole, casinos have mostly excluded roulette from among the games that are eligible for bonus redemption.

What this did though was that it pretty much killed the whole deal for roulette fans. It’s quite a cooler for a player who signed up just to play roulette, to find that he can’t use roulette for bonus redemption. Some casinos have devised a rather ingenious solution to the problem: they do count roulette towards the wagering requirements, but different bets will count to a different degree.

The smaller the house edge on a bet, the smaller the percentage of your bet that will count towards your turn-over requirements. Unfortunately, European Roulette is mostly excluded from these the play through requirements even in such online casinos.

The jurisdiction under which your online casino operates. This is extremely important when it comes to determining just how honest and fair your online casino really is.

One of the greatest things about playing roulette is that you don't have to play on real money. Most of the online casinos give you a chance to play online free roulette in their demo version. This way you can practice and avoid losing your money.

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