The Two Fundamentals in Poker

The journey through a single hand on Betfair poker is like sending a piece of wood down the river. It starts where it supposed to but it can end up absolutely anywhere.

This statement is true even if you give the players the same starting hands over a consecutive period.

Change a bet size here or a flop card there and who knows where the hand will end up? Luckily, in order to be a profitable player you do not have to consider every possible scenario.

Instead, you just need to remember two fundamentals: you win money by making the best hand and, secondly, you win money by stealing the pot when you think you do not have the best hand.

These two simple statements are going to be the bedrock of your success. All of your money will come through these two tributaries, or a combination of the two.

Making the Best Hand: When we make this statement, we are talking about the expectation of winning at showdown. Otherwise known as Showdown Equity.

Stealing The Pot: When we make this statement, we are talking about the expectation of winning before showdown. Otherwise known as Steal Equity.

Every hand has either Showdown Equity or Steal Equity and a great hand is one that combines the both factors to give you a greater chance of success, or one of the equities is so strong that proceeding with the hand remains a profitable venture.

A mid suited connector like [Ts] [9s] is a good example of the former, whilst [As] [Ad] the latter. Opening with a hand like [8s] [3d] from first position does not have enough of either to be a profitable venture.

Always remember the two fundamentals, and if the combined equity it not enough to justify the risk, fold your hand.

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